Growing your business the right way…


I want to talk about this business owner that I had the pleasure of dealing with over the last few months, he was one of those guys that just had the most epic story to tell.

I had a pleasure of dealing with him because I got towing work from him and needed roadside assistance because my car randomly decided to shut off in the cold cold winter of Michigan.

This guy was kind enough to come within 15 min and tow my car to the nearest auto repair shop. I asked him how long he’s been in the towing business and he told me 15 years, and as an entrepreneur myself, I had to ask him, what was the one thing that made him successful and he told me it was his work ethic.

You see work ethic is like a muscle that you build through diligent effort, and consistency. Its like building something with bricks and mortar, you cannot expect to build a house in a day, but through persistence of laying one brick at a time, you can eventually build something quite spectacular.

This was extremely gratifying to hear because I have been working hard on my own business and its great to know that I’ve been doing the right thing for my own success. And before I could get his business card, he was off to the next customer for lockout service, I have a feeling I will be calling him again whenever I need some roadside help in Southfield.

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