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        Fast renovation experts choose Fonyi integrated wallboard!

        發布日期:2019-04-05 19:32:37 瀏覽次數:

        The house will be old for a long time. A house with a long history of construction must have such and such problems.

        For example, wallpaper becomes yellowish and warped edge shells, wall cloth wall can not be damp, otherwise mildewed layer, ugly incomparable, joint warping, fading over time, not easy to clean after being polluted, solid wood wall is prone to mildew and rot, raw insect cracking.

        At this time, some houses will be pushed back, some will do some remedial renovation, and some will start from the internal environment renovation, and renovation means there are many, the fastest one is the direct renovation of wall decoration materials.

        Fast renovation of business premises can't stand the time when they are pushed back. If they don't open for a day, the losses will be very serious. Ordinary decorative materials have a great taste after decoration, resulting in reduced passenger flow. So how to quickly renovate without affecting the operation, and do business immediately after renovation without ventilation and shelving?

        Fonyi integrated wallboard, fast renovation expert!

        Fonyi integrated wallboard, green environmental protection, thermal insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof, easy to scrub, color, deformation and flame retardant! Installation directly on the wall, no bottom, no putty scraping, fast installation, no space. Secondary decoration does not need to remove the original materials, construction without annoying noise and dust pollution. It can deal with the problem partially or as a whole, without affecting the normal use of the hotel, and thoroughly solve the problem of rapid renovation of business places.