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        Fonyi integrated wall to promote energy conservation, reduce consumption, improve resource utilization efficiency and realize green building

        發布日期:2019-04-11 22:30:03 瀏覽次數:

        In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress, it was proposed to improve the level of people's livelihood and strengthen and innovate social governance. He said that we should seize the most immediate and realistic interests of the people and do our best and according to our abilities. We should do one thing after another, one year after another. When talking about strengthening the construction of social security system, he said that we should adhere to the orientation that houses are used for living, not for speculation, and speed up the establishment of a housing system with multi-stakeholder supply, multi-channel security and simultaneous rent and purchase, so that all the people can live in it.

        In fact, when we look closely at the government's policies on housing, we will find that our goal is not only to live with "houses are used for living", but to live well with them. For example, on September 10, 2016, the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government issued "Opinions on the Implementation of Promoting the Industrialization of Green Buildings and Buildings" in which it pointed out: "On October 1, new residential buildings on the land sold or allocated by the central urban areas of cities and counties in the whole province will be fully renovated and finished products delivered, and the active implementation of full renovation of residential buildings under construction will be encouraged." The purpose is to reduce building pollution, achieve environmental friendliness, promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, improve resource utilization efficiency, and achieve green buildings.

        At the same time, due to the increasing demand for housing environment, whether decoration is green or not has become a hot topic of home decoration, especially environmental protection. However, we should not only meet the needs of less building pollution, achieve environmental friendliness, promote energy conservation, reduce consumption, improve resource utilization efficiency, but also environmental protection. Looking at the current market of home decoration materials, few can meet the above conditions at the same time. The integrated wall is one of the most concerned.

        Fonyi integrated wall as a member of integrated wall, with its many advantages, has a good reputation in the market.

        For green environmental protection:

        Fonyi wall top products are mainly made of ecologically non-polluting raw materials. The whole production process is environmentally friendly and low-carbon, which completely avoids the harm to human body caused by the release of formaldehyde in materials. Because of the characteristics of macromolecule, the defect of traditional wood is abandoned and the use is good. For the environmental protection of products, Fengyi has one saying, two saying, never ambiguous. Fengyi's products are not only sold at home, but also exported abroad. They meet the national environmental standards and the European Union standards. The environmental protection of Fengyi's products is visible and true. So it's very friendly to the environment!

        For "less pollution, energy saving and consumption reduction"

        As we all know, traditional wall decoration usually produces a lot of waste, or smells very big, and the decoration site is usually messy. Fonyi integrated wall adopts modular installation, without cutting materials, direct installation, convenient and fast without pollution. If you need to cut, because of the particularity of the integrated wall panel, it will not produce a lot of waste, and easy to clean, just gently sweep. It saves a lot of energy for owners and repairmen.

        Of course, the energy saving and consumption reduction of Fonyi integrated wall is also reflected in the performance of the board, such as heat preservation, anti-mildew, wear resistance and so on. To a certain extent, energy consumption and material consumption are saved.

        Internal and external repair, complete pattern

        In addition to its excellent performance, Fonyi is not outdone in appearance. There are all kinds of popular styles nowadays. Chinese style, modern simplicity style, European classical style, Mediterranean style, modern simplicity style, pastoral style, arbitrary choice. There's no need to bother thinking about how to match.

        Some living is only the basic requirement, but good living is the ultimate requirement. Fonyi integrated wall, real quality, the intention to see, so that "live well" becomes easy.