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        Fonyi, a high-quality integrated wall brand!

        發布日期:2019-04-10 00:53:08 瀏覽次數:

        With the improvement of the economic level, consumers have higher and higher requirements for living standards. Everything they eat, wear and travel must conform to their own tastes. As modern people living in fast-paced cities, they always pay attention to the cost of time. They need decoration as convenient, efficient and of good quality as possible. And the appearance of the top-wall integrated product is catering to the modern people's demand of "efficient decoration", and the top-wall integrated product has become a must choice for many people in home decoration.

        What is roof-wall integration?

        Unique combination of integrated ceiling and integrated wall, on the basis of integrated ceiling, the use of integrated wall decoration in the blank room, so that the integration of the roof wall, so as to achieve a perfect decoration effect, create a delicate and elegant taste of life. And the combination of the top wall also better interprets the unity of home decoration style, whether Mediterranean style, modern simplicity style, or European classical style and pastoral style through and mix, the integration of the top wall makes home decoration not only functional, but also more decorative and artistic. The Fengyi style wall top is more creative for the style building of the living room. It weaves the soul for the roof wall, makes it vividly deduce the spatial visual feast, and presents the diverse style of the living room for consumers.

        Mediterranean style

        The Mediterranean style living room, light blue wall, like the sea breeze, contains a simple natural romantic, slightly retro style, giving a natural feeling of wind and sunshine, let the body and mind relax and harmony like breathing in the whole space, which is the charm of the Mediterranean style!

        modern style

        Fonyi integrated wall, modern simple design of the living room, at a glance to make people feel comfortable and pleasant to the eye. However, it contains profound cultural connotations in the ordinary, subverts people's long-standing thinking patterns, combines retro and modernism, and creates a concise, calm and dynamic, bright and moving fashion living room.

        european style

        Fonyi integrated wall, European living room with warm yellow and beige as the main color of the room, and the use of a part of brown and yellow European furniture embellishment, so that the overall hue of the house will not give a cold feeling, but in the overall visual experience there is a light luxury feeling. The ground uses white to make the whole more clean and elegant, and the ceiling with artistic flavor adds fashion to this living room.

        In order to create a perfect home decoration effect satisfying consumers, Fonyi Integrated Wall is developing a visual effect system that provides users with panoramic experience and provides users with immersive visual effect by using three-dimensional VR virtual technology. Fonyi not only harvested a large number of loyal consumers in the style of products, but also provided a guarantee for the quality of products by its independent R&D team and professional after-sales service system. It was loved by more and more consumers, not only at home, but also exported to Europe, North America, Australia and other countries and regions.