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      Corporate culture


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      》 Dare to innovate

      Daring to innovate is the first characteristic of Fonyi people, which is daring to try and dare to think and dare to do.

      》 Stick to Honesty and Credit

      Adherence to honesty is the foundation of a prosperous man.

      》 Advocating environmental protection

      Fonyi Company is one of the early enterprises in the industry to promote green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, and adhere to sustainable development.

      》 Care for employees

      The company regards the employees as the core capital of the enterprise, and the development results benefit the employees first, and constantly improve the index of their learning ability, salary increase and long-term happiness.

      》 Caring for Charity

      The company advocates the concept of public welfare for all, encourages employees to become volunteers, and often participates in social welfare and charitable activities.

      》 Do your best

      Fonyi people have a great vision, high standards of work, the pursuit of "let every product become a fine product".

      》 Strong execution

      Strong execution is a prominent feature of corporate culture. Say yes, rewards and penalties are clear, the award will be awarded, the penalty will be punished.